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How Much Will Your Carpet Cost?

We created the most comprehensive carpet installation estimate calculator on the internet. We’ve broken it down to the following:
Step 1 – Carpet Type
Step 2 – Location, Square Footage, Materials, and Labor
Step 3 – Old Flooring Details and New Carpet Quality
Step 4 – Get your calculation

Put it all together and we give you the most accurate carpet calculation available.


Your Location Matters

What a local contractor charges varies wildly based on your location. Sometimes there are many more carpet installers in an area than others, in which case it may cost less to install carpet than another. We do our level best to ensure the most accurate calculation possible.


About This Carpet Flooring and Installation Cost Calculator

This carpeting estimation tool presupposes that you already know the square footage of the area you are installing the carpet of. If not, you can learn how to calculate the square footage. There are several factors which are used to determine what it will cost to replace your carpeting. Where you are located matters, as sometimes a market is saturated with one type of contractor, while specialists of installation other types of flooring are fewer, and can thereby charge more.

Also, the amount of carpet you are replacing plays a huge role in evaluating the flooring costs. Generally, the smaller the area, the more it will cost on a per square foot basis. Also, the current type of flooring can make the removal more expensive. For instance tile is extremely difficult and time consuming to pull up, while carpet is easier, there may be ‘tack strip holes’ which need to be filled…especially if you are going with a stained concrete finish. This tool takes all of those variables, puts them together, then sends you a custom calculation based on the data you enter.

This carpet calculator collects pertinent pieces of data necessary to extrapolate a rough estimation you could expect to pay to replace your carpet flooring if you hire a local contractor to do the work. This will be ‘turn key’ pricing and is all inclusive, however we do NOT guarantee that you will be able to find a contractor who will do the work for the calculation we send you. It is merely an anecdotal calculation to give you a rough approximation. Additionally, we have a local contractor follow up with you to bid your project.

How You Can Calculate Your Carpet Costs On Your Own

Estimating your flooring costs is like anything else, it isn’t difficult if you know how. All you have to do is calculate how much your materials will cost and how much your labor will cost.

Materials Costs

Do you know what kind of carpet you’re going to be using? If so, have you already picked out the style? There are many options in the way of colors, finishes, etc which can make your cost per square foot go up or down. The first step in estimating your carpet replacement project is to narrow down your choice of carpet material. When you have between one and three it is easier to do the math and understand the costs involved. At that point, simply multiply the square footage by the carpet cost per square foot to arrive at the total materials cost. We recommend adding 10% to this due to incidental needs like curved edges which mean you need a whole new piece, or having to cut the flooring due to the edge needed for a wall.

Labor Costs

Calculation of labor isn’t as straightforward as estimating the materials. The reason is that what contractors might charge to remove the current flooring, especially in cases of tile and hardwood, can vary wildly. Installation costs can vary just as much, so we would recommend contacting 2-3 contractors and asking how much they charge per square foot for removal and installation of flooring. Depending on your square footage you might get a discount (usually for projects over 500 sq ft).

Example Formula To Calculate All Flooring Costs

As an example, let’s say I’m replacing my tile with carpet. The carpet I’m installing is $1.50 per square foot and I’m redoing my living room which is 250 square feet. A contractor has quoted me a flat $650 feet for ripping up and hauling away my used tile, and will install the new carpet for $1.50 per square foot. Let’s figure materials first. $1.50 per square foot for the carpet multiplied by 250 square feet, which equals $375. Add in 10% and the total for flooring materials comes to $412.50.

For labor, $1.50 times 250 square feet equals $375. No need to add 10% here. Add in the removal and haul away for the tile ($650) and the total labor cost is $1025.

The total flooring installation price will be the sum of $412.50 for the materials plus $1025 for the labor therefore the estimated cost is $1,437.50 (plus applicable taxes).

If you don’t wish to do this all yourself, feel free to scroll up and try out our carpet installation calculator for yourself.